觅信 DEC梦想生态,借IAC涉嫌网络传销平台即将崩盘

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"Yuxin DEC" dream ecology, IAC suspected that the network marketing platform is about to collapse!

Original: Yan Yan Funds Interpretation Today

Bits have risen again and returned to more than $12,000, once again in a contemptuous tone: shit coins! Yes, except for Bitcoin, almost all other currencies have not risen, but looking back at the lower limit, it seems to be starting to get busy again.

Remember the IAC that last year? More than half a year's time flew to Kyushu, and more than one billion people circled. The scammers behind the IAC did not show up. In the end, the French Open and the gang were destroyed. They were all arrested!

The police solved the case and Ye Haitao captured and seized a video of 1.3 billion yuan

Nowadays, the dream ecology of “Taixin DEC” has emerged, and the ridiculous thing is that the original IAC is still the banner of the original classmate of the clown. I even took the IAC’s nephew and set out again. Are you ready to repeat the same mistake again? Are you insulting people's IQ?

“觅信DEC” is a network marketing platform that beats drums and flowers. It’s just that the criminals use the platform to set up two softwares, a letter chat software, as a social software to cover up the facts of pyramid schemes, hide The evidence of crime is used by the pyramid schemes to chat and exchange people.


The two APPs that are made in this way are different from the traditional network marketing personnel in using QQ group, WeChat group and other software to pull people. The crime facts are easily intercepted and investigated by the public security investigation department. It is recommended that participating players should reasonably retain screenshots of internal APP communication software chats, collect information about their respective leaders, and be deceived in the future, and must be reused

xxNext, we will see how it benefits, and the mechanism sets 200 yuan to activate the threshold. By pulling the head, the form of the order is awarded an unlimited algebraic reward. Commitment to report a daily return of 1% -1.8%. This is not a change of the bottle, this is not the taste of the original taste, you can not change the fresh?

Written here, in fact, this so-called DEC eco-platform, just relying on the IAC public opinion speculation, another mutual help disk that was born, through the pull of the head to maintain the money bubble money game only

I believe in the DEC dream ecology, such high-profile propaganda, will not be the next object suspected of being knocked out by the network marketing platform, then we look at his propaganda. It is said that it is 8.15. In the Malaysian DEC MLM training conference, what other media live broadcast, such a blatant propaganda, are you not challenging the FA law bottom line?

Look at the video below, Xiaobian listened to it again, it is very obvious that this is a false sound, borrowing the previous IAC paradox, to harvest a group of followers.

There is no need to doubt at all, and the IAC case has not officially ended! DEC began to use the original IAC Shen Xiafei's banner to come out again and deceive, simply insulting the victim's IQ!


According to investors, the news has not occurred. If this is the case, this mutual aid is not far from running. Don’t even believe in the Malaysian DEC MLM training conference. The conference is only for the purpose of harvesting you.

At this time, the emergence of "Thaksin DEC" is really not a sensible phenomenon. With the smuggling of the chickens, knowing that the scam is taking risks, this time there is no money, this is a precursor to the so-called crash.

“觅信DEC” uses the media to speculate on the surface of the social platform, they will not appear, and there will be no company address, and no one will tell you the trader tells you what its name is, the hidden team, professional fraud Money liar!

xx目前,参与者需要做到以下几点:1。立即收集引导您进入游戏的领导者的身份信息,并在将来使用它。 2,收集信件组中的所有聊天信息,以及支付凭证,转账记录,APP内部截图,宣传资料,3,到当地经济调查报告DEC MLM平台。







后记:没有风险分担的投资你将无所作为,必然会导致系统性的破坏。没有风险分担,就没有进化。投资的核心取决于未来的认知能力以及谁更具有前瞻性。 “赚钱的本质,就是认识的实现,尤其是金融思想的实现,只有时间,高于一切人类的智慧和争议,我们才能用它来判断.